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The course aims to equip remittance senders with knowledge and skills on how to identify their current financial position, define their financial goal and reach their financial dream. It intensively focuses on the following broad themes: understanding personal finance; maximizing the use of various financial products available to them; and chartering a financial goal that is ambitious but realistic. Investment opportunities to different social enterprises based in the Philippines will also be presented to the participants. SEDPI employs adult learning techniques and structured learning experiences that will enhance knowledge and skills of participants. It will also provide participants with practical and readily applicable tools as aids in achieving their financial goals.

Course Batches

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction
Welcome Message Unlimited
Learning Sessions at a Glance Unlimited
2. Three Stages of the Migration Process
Three Stages of the Migration Process Video Unlimited
Migration Process Quiz Unlimited
3. Kalagayan at Kaugalian ng mga OFWs sa Paghawak ng Pera
Rappler Talk: Financial Literacy for OFWs Unlimited
OFWs on Money Spending: Learn to Say ‘no’ to Extended Family Unlimited
Are You an OFW? Here are Bad Spending Habits You Need to Break Unlimited
Sikreto ng Tagumpay Unlimited
Pera at Pag-ibig Unlimited
Helping others financially Unlimited
Hanggang kailan nakatira ang anak sa magulang Unlimited
Paano tumulong nang walang pera Unlimited
Kawanggawa Unlimited
Kahalagahan ng Kontrata Video Unlimited
OFW Financial Behavior Quiz Unlimited
4. Simple Personal Finance Diagnostic
Quick financial self test Unlimited
Personal Finance Quick Assessment Unlimited
Simple Personal Finance Diagnostic Unlimited
5. Financial Life Stages
Financial life stages Unlimited
Financial life stages video Unlimited
Financial start up life stage Unlimited
Financial independence life stage Unlimited
Financial growth life stage Unlimited
Financial stabilization life stage Unlimited
Financial freedom life stage Unlimited
Money In – Money Out Worksheet Unlimited
Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) Unlimited
6. 5-15-20-60 Budgeting Rule
5-15-20-60 Budgeting rule video Unlimited
5-15-20-60 Budgeting rule Unlimited
Budgeting para sa minimum wage earners Unlimited
Budgeting para sa microenterprises Unlimited
Budgeting para sa middle to top management 00:00:00
Budgeting para sa mga self-employed na professionals Unlimited
Budgeting para sa OFWs Unlimited
Budgeting Quiz Unlimited
7. Paggawa ng Savings Plan
Ano ang savings? Unlimited
Mga tips sa paggawa ng savings plan Unlimited
Saan ako mag-iimpok? Unlimited
Emergency savings o emergency fund Unlimited
Saan dapat nakalagay ang emergency fund? Unlimited
Understanding time deposit Unlimited
Paano magagamit ang time deposit bilang bahagi ng iyong investment portfolio? Unlimited
How to open an account in rural banks? 00:00:00
Videos on savings at pagtitipid Unlimited
Savings Plan Quiz Unlimited
8. Gabay sa Loans
Pangangasiwa sa loans Unlimited
Bad debt? Get out of it! Unlimited
Good utang versus bad utang Unlimited
Gaano kalaki ang kaya mong utangin at bayaran Unlimited
Ok ba ang magka-credit card? Unlimited
Paano makaaalis sa maling pagkakautang Unlimited
Paano magpautang nang tama video Unlimited
Paano magpautang nang tama Unlimited
May K ka ba magpautang Unlimited
Kahalagahan ng kontrata Unlimited
Loans quiz Unlimited
9. Gabay sa Insurance
What is insurance? Unlimited
Paano gumagana ang premium Unlimited
Insurance versus pre-need plans Unlimited
Insurance para sa mahirap Unlimited
Magkano ba dapat ang life insurance? Unlimited
Investment-linked insurance o VUL Unlimited
Bakit mahal ang VUL o insurance na may investment? Unlimited
Paanong mas maliit ang fund value sa VUL kaysa sa BTID? Unlimited
Ok ba talaga ang VUL kasi protected ka nito beyond 65 years old compared to term? Unlimited
Ok ba talaga ang VUL para sa estate taxes? Unlimited
Philhealth Unlimited
Anu-ano ang pakinabang ng mga OFWs sa PhilHealth? Unlimited
Magkano ba dapat ibinabayad sa PhilHealth? Unlimited
Paano mag-avail ng benefit sa PhilHealth ang mga OFWs? Unlimited
Paano mag-apply sa PhilHealth ang isang OFW kapag nasa abroad? Unlimited
Insurance Quiz Unlimited
10. Gabay sa Pag-iinvest
Paano Magsimulang Mag-invest Unlimited
Invest in Yourself Unlimited
Investment Risks Unlimited
Investment ba ang Bahay? Unlimited
SSS, Pag-IBIG at OWWA Unlimited
Investing in the Stock Market Unlimited
Investment Quiz Unlimited
11. Investing in Rural Banks
Ano ang pinagkaiba ng rural bank sa 1) universal and commercial banks; 2) thrift banks; 3) cooperative bank? 00:00:00
Rural bank video 00:00:00
Paano nakakapagpayaman ang interest rate? 00:00:00
High interest rate in rural banks 00:00:00
How to choose a strong rural bank? 00:00:00
List of Rural Banks in the Philippines 00:00:00
Filing claims with PDIC 00:00:00
PDIC early payment 00:00:00
Rural bank quiz Unlimited
12. Investing in Modified Pag-IBIG Savings II
Pag-IBIG Fund Video 00:00:00
Pag-IBIG Savings I 00:00:00
Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) Primer 00:00:00
Modified Pag-IBIG Savings II Video 00:00:00
Opening of MP2 Account 00:00:00
Paano i-verify ang Pag-IBIG contribution? 00:00:00
Pag-IBIG Quiz Unlimited
13. Financial Plan
Paano gumawa ng financial plan 00:00:00
Gabay sa Financial Planning Video 00:00:00
Financial Planning with Sinon Loresca Video 00:00:00
Top 5 financial goals ng mga Filipino 00:00:00
Financial Plan Quiz 00:00:00
14. Socially Responsible Investments
Principles of socially responsible investments 00:00:00
Organic Options, Inc. 00:00:00
Alalay sa Kaunlaran, Inc. 00:00:00
Pantukan Chess Club Cooperative 00:00:00
United Sugar Planters of Davao Cooperative 00:00:00
Tagum Cooperative 00:00:00
Joint venture 00:00:00
SEDPI Socially Investments 00:00:00
15. Final Long Test
Final Long Test Unlimited

Course Reviews


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  1. Personal Finance Made Easy


    One does not have to be investment savvy to complete the course. The concepts of personal finance and setting and achieving financial goals are presented in a simple and easy to understand manner through the combined use of English and Filipino. I find the guidelines on budgeting, determining one’s financial life stage, selecting an insurance and obtaining debt very practical and easy to remember and apply in real life.

  2. AWESOME!!!



  3. Financial Literacy for OFW


    Great course for OFWs and i highly recommend this course to all from Professional (if they don’t have yet) to the HSWs. The sense of Motivation and Will to help is there.
    Thanks Sir Vince… More Power and Prayers for you.

  4. Excellent!


    The concepts are efficient and easy to understand.
    Well done Sir Vince! Thank you for being a great inspiration
    for OFW’s.

  5. Ikaw na, Sir Vince! :)


    Without being too simplistic, Sir Vince lays out the concepts in layman’s terms while inspiring one to take action and be responsible for one’s finances. Great work!

  6. Blessed and Thankful


    You are my angel…. I am really grateful that I have met you and got the opportunity to attend your class… you have opened up a new chapter, not only of my life but of my family as well… I’ll never forget you. I pray that my dream to bring you to my hometown will come true… : ) God bless you Vince.



    I would like to thank you Sir Vince (from the bottom of my heart) for all the things that I’ve learned from your class, from your book and from this course. We need more of you…to inspire us and become a modern day heroes! I promise that I will do my part to spread the good news, not only to my fellow OFWs but also back home. More power to you Sir & God bless you always!:-)

  8. Early investment, early returns, early financial freedom.


    This Financial knowledge is simply amazing and straight to the point. It can be applied to everyone, from OFWs, to students, professionals, farmers, vendors, drivers, entrepreneurs, investors and even corporate executives.

    Financial Literacy should be a part of our educational program for every school and institutions.
    Eventually can be a main factor for the progress of our economy.

    Mabuhay kayo sir Vince!

  9. Napapanahon para sa mamamayang Pilipino!


    Ngayon lang tayo nakatagpo ng isang maayos, makatotohanan, maliwanag, praktikal at pulidong pagkakahimay-himay ng mga paksa tungkol sa mga pinansyal na aspeto ng buhay para mga Pilipino.
    Hindi matatawaran ang inyong dedikasyon Sir Vince upang kalapin ang mga datos, pagaanin at ipaunawa ang mga usaping may teknikalidad, at aralin ang mga istratehiyang nararapat lamang na matutunan ng bawat OFW at kanilang mga pamilya. Mabuhay at Maraming Salamat!

  10. Great Financial literature


    Thank you Sir Vince! Indeed it was a great help. Mabuhay po and be blessed.

  11. Wealth Building 101 for OFWs


    This is indeed a substantial and comprehensive course on personal money management which is suitable guide not only to Overseas Filipinos but to all Filipinos. Thank you Sir Vince for this great and valuable work! May God continue to bless you because you have touched the our lives and I hope you will continue to be a blessing to others.




    Maraming salamat sir Vince!
    Isa itong komprehensibong kurso na hinimay himay lahat ng aspeto para maging matagumpay sa buhay!
    Mabuhay ka sir Vince!
    God bless you more!

    Pil Catinoy

  13. Best Effective Short Online Course Ever


    Best Effective Short Online Course Ever. Practical quick learning at its finest

  14. Knowledge is wealth


    Thank you very much Sir Vince for sharing us your knowledge and expertise. Ako po iyong nag titnda ng empanada. I am really very greatful that I have enrolled this course and learned a lot from you about financial literacy . Thank you very much for your great concern for us OFW. Learning and understanding from Wealth Building 101 for OFW would surely help us change and improve our lives in the future. GOD bless po.

  15. Wealth building 101 for OFW


    Great learning online

  16. Very helpful!


    This course is awesome! I learned a lot.
    Maraming salamat, sir Vince!

    God bless!

  17. 5

    I’ve learned a lot from this course, most specially about SSS PAG IBIG PHILHEALTH and OWWA, also about rural banks , i think these government agencies and programs are very much underrated and taken for granted because of so much negative misconceptions, thank you so much sir vince for the enlightenment and I’m all excited to share to friends and families all the things that I have learned and of course to strive to practice it myself.

  18. Very helpful tool


    Wealth Building 101 Online course is an eye opener to all OFW’s who does not have enough knowledge on how to manage thier hard earned money.. Very thankful to Sir Vince for this oppurtunity..

  19. Sa mga taong Positivo at gustong matuto


    Sir Vince , Thank you very much . Marami kaming natutunan sa Course na ito ( Wealth Building 101 for OFWs ) sabi nga ni Sir Vince Ang pagyaman NATUTUNAN ……God bless you more ! ! !



    Thank you very much Sir Vince.a well recommended course.more power and god bless

  21. Wealth Building 101 to OFWs


    Thank you Sir Vince! The course was explained in simple terms that someone without so much financial literacy could understand. I would say, Wealth Building was simple yet profound! I will definitely be using what I learned in the course to gain that financial freedom in time.

  22. "Don't live beyond your means. If you can't afford something then save for it" - Peter Moore


    #Delay Instant Gratification
    #Ang Pagyaman ay Napag-aaralan
    #Ignorance is very expensive
    #Learn to say “NO” to extended family

  23. Reborn


    The simplest for the Complicated world of building wealth. Because of this, I was enlightened making my financial status under construction. Thanks👍

  24. Very helpful and informative


    Hitik sa impormasyon at hindi boring ang kursong ito. One of the best investments I have ever made for myself!



    Thank you sir vince malaking tulong ito para s mga OFW katulad ko matutong make a finacial plan .mag.emergency saving .insurance.investment.ito ang course n my puso.at ang pagyaman ay napag aaralan .

  26. Very Helpful and practical


    This course is very helpful and enlightening. It helps me evaluate where I am right now financially and help me how to get out from my situations. This course offers a practical and easy to follow approach and if you will really take it seriously, you will for sure reach all your financial goals and reach financial freedom.

    Thank you so much Sir Vince for guiding and inspiring us.

  27. Very relevant, and just what I needed


    I am very grateful to Sir Vince for this wonderful module, it was an eye opener and has brought me a lot of realizations. I am excited to put what I have learned to into practice.

  28. Good Learning Tool


    Thanks Sir Vince for this training material… it has given me new prospective when it comes to my savings and budgeting. The videos are very entertaining which makes learning more fun. More Power and God Bless!

  29. Financial Literacy


    Great experience – Sir Vince is very practical and his methodologically approach in providing the topics were made simple yet precise so everybody can understand. Every details were minced and thoroughly grounded so nothing left unturned – that’s how the course is being delivered. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Hoping that all students including myself will apply what we have learned in this course. Always keep the 5-15-20-60 in mind!

  30. Wealth Building 101 for OFW


    Well explained Sir Vince. Godbless you. Thank you.

  31. ALSE 78


    thank you ALSE 78 secretiats and thank you sir Vince for sharing your thoughts, marami po akong natutunan sa online course na to.. more power to you and God bless.

  32. Worth every time and effort


    This course gave me so much insight on how I should move forward in how I handle my finances and how I make decisions even on things that we often take for granted. I hope that everyone will take the time to undergo the course and more importantly apply it in our lives. Thank you Sir Vince and more power to your whole team.

  33. 5

    Thank you Sir Vince! This is such a big help in re-arranging & building our finances. God bless..

  34. 5

    Thank you Sir Vince! lots of additional knowledge about our finances.

  35. 5

    hello ask ko lang bakit hindi po ako maka move nang no.4 at yung mga quiz ko nakalagay progress anyone can help me.. kung ano po ang gagawin ko thanks in advance

  36. 5

    Many thanks to you Sir vince for sharing your knowledge and helping OFW’s around the globe.This is great and had a very wonderful experience,I learned a lot.Awesome😊

  37. 5

    I learned a lot in this course.Thank you so much sir Vince.More power and God bless

  38. 5

    Very informative and useful! I will recommend this course to my friends and relatives.



    Very informative and useful! I will recommend this course to my friends and relatives.

  40. Life Changing Wake Up Call - Daily Habit!


    Since coming across Sir Vince Rapisura on YouTube in May 2019, I’ve realized how blessed the Pinoys are for having such a top-notch Finance expert, giving a wealth of information generously.
    I understand why this is 101. The next level implies that I also need to do my part of learning and honing profitable skills in the investment/business industries that I would be engaging in.
    This is also about correcting our finance psychology, money habits and financial blueprint.
    The course is not over until I have gone through courageously, joyfully and with God’s help, the journey of making my finances healthy, reaching the financial freedom stage, and being able to give back to the community through social investments. A million thanks to Sir Vince and his awesome team for reaching out to us. Thank you Florence.

  41. Very valuable


    This course has provided a venue for me to aim higher with a bigger purpose. A lot of realizations and more possibilities were presented on this course allowing every overseas Filipino to aspire for purposeful goals beyond just sending money back home. Also, provided tools and concepts that can easily be shared to our fellow expats across the globe.

  42. Highly recommended


    I highly recommend this course sa lahat ng OFW – worth it po talaga… Maraming salamat sa pagbabahagi ng iyong kaalaman Sir Vince. Marami po akong natutunan at nagkaroon ako ng mas clearer na view ng aking financial status. Nawa maabot ko ang aking mga financial goals with your guidelines at sa tulong ng Diyos. May God continue to bless you more and more Sir Vince para marami pa po kayong maturuan at matulungan.

  43. Forever grateful


    Thank you so much for this course. I learned a lot. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  44. Absolutely Educational and life changing.


    I wished I learned this Financial Literacy when I was in my 20`s 0r 30`s then at least I should have my financial freedom now……..though sad that I am nearly on my chronological retirement age and yet still at the starting point of following all what Sir Vince had taught me.I will start following the 5-15-20-60 method.I don’t care how long will it takes for me to reach my goal at least I have a chance to start and to finish it even halfway.This is a mind blowing truth.I will treasure it for as long as I live.

  45. 5

    Its helpful course for individual who wants to learn how to save and handle our hard earned money and where to invest it. THanks Sir Vince… God bless!

  46. An Eye Opener and full of amazing Inputs


    The course made me realize that I didn’t manage my money well and it shocks me that it would took me too long to retire. From now on I will cut my unprofitable expenses and increase my insurance, saving and investment money. Thank you Sir Vince.

  47. helpful and very informative!


    Thank you Sir Vince for putting up courses like this that surely helpful and full of valuable (financial) information, tips and strategies we can implement in our lives.

  48. Worth it!


    Ang dami kong natutunan sa short course na ito.
    Mas may direction na ako kung ano ang dapat kong mga gawin to reach financial freedom.
    Thanks sir Vince! More power! 🙂

  49. 5

    Thank you Sir Vince. Ang dami kung natutunan. God bless you always.

  50. Very informative course, Excellent


    Hoping that more OFW’s can be enrolled in this course.
    Congratualtions Sir Vince, we are always proud of you!
    We will continue to support you, Ateneo ALSE -OF LIFE program
    God Bless you and SEDPI!

  51. 5

    Thank you Sir Vince and team, Thank you ALSE OF L IFE and SEDPI for this opportunity,
    Madami po akong natutunan

  52. 5

    Excellent course.
    Very informative & helpful not only for OFW, but for everybody.
    I had learned a lot for this course.
    Big thanks SEDPI and sir Vince.

  53. Clear, In depth and very helpful course!


    Thank you very much sir Vince for giving us a clearer and more precise view and learning of financial literacy. This course made our financial life stronger and to be in the right path. I really recommend this course to all OFWs so that their hard earned money will not be wasted and most especially will be put in to good and efficient use. #AMDG #ALSEOFLIFEDOHA #BATCH84

  54. Thumbs Up! Sir Vince!


    Very interesting course. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you! Sir Vince! 😉👍🏻

  55. 5

    Very informative! Thank you! Sir Vince. 😃👌🏼

  56. Incorrect certificate name


    good training however certificate shows VInce Rapisura’s name instead of mine. Can you correct please to Alejandro Ramos II instead.

    Appreciate your immediate response

    Thank you VInce and LSE!!

  57. Certificate


    Certificate shows VInce Rapisura’s name instead of the student.
    But overall it is a good course and lifestyle awakening.

  58. nakakatulong


    maganda ang pagka dugtong dugtong ng kurso.
    note, yung sa module ng pag-ibig, module 12, yung sa Modified Pag-IBIG Savings II Video, broken link yung video.

  59. Wealth Building 101 for OFWs


    Wow, very impormative Financial Literacy Training Course, I’ve learned a lot po Sir Vince… Thank You So Much Sir Vince…

  60. Wealth Building for OFW's Sir Vince Birthday blow out


    Thank you so much Sir Vince, coz I avail your online course for free. I learned a lot and I will share it to my family to have a financial freedom someday. God bless you and Thank you again for sharing your talent, you are an inspiration to us OFW. 🙏🏽💛🇴🇲

  61. ALSE is a gem!


    Learned a lot. knock some sense to me regarding my financial awareness.
    Can I request to change the certificate to my name instead, please? It shows Vince Rapisura name instead of mine.
    Can you correct it to my name, please?

    I appreciate your work and dedication in educating Filipinos in the financial aspect.

    Thank you VInce and ALSE!!

  62. 5

    the course was very educating,the terms used were very simplified,very clear ang explanations ni Maestro Vince,,,thank you Sir for sharing.

  63. 5

    Maraming pong salamat Sobrang NAPAKAlaking tulong itong Wealth Building 101 for OFWs Course sa akin upang mapalawig pa ang aking kaalaman para makamit ang financial FREEDOM. Napalawak din po nito ang aking karampot na kaalaman tungkol sa passive income para sa aking nalalapit na retirement.

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